Magic truffles

Buy magic Truffles online

In contrast to magic mushrooms, magic truffles can legally be purchased online. This means you can order all of the magic truffles that you want to use to your heart’s content! The truffles look like ordinary mushrooms. You may have seen them before under the name sclerotia. The reason that these can legally be sold is because they are officially considered a by-product of magic mushrooms and do not contain any verifiably hazardous substances. Would you rather grow them instead of just buy them? You can definitely do that with one of our truffle grow kits.

Truffles or Philosophers Stones are the underground growths or ‘sclerotia’ of certain Psilocybe mushroom species. Shroom guru Paul Stamets figured out how to cultivate them … and the rest is psychedelic history. Magic Truffles contain high quantities of the visionary psilocybin. We stock the most popular varieties available.


All Freshbox truffles are ready-to-use. Unlike other brands, we do not suffocate our truffels – that are actually still alive – by vacuum packing. The “expiration date” on the bottom of the pack ensures that you purchase your truffles within 4 weeks after harvesting. But sclerotia are safe and good to eat for a long time, even after that date, because they are a survival startegy of certain fungusses and can be stored very well in a refridgerator – some even for many months.

Grow your own mushrooms

Depending on the legal status of psilocybe mushrooms in your country, you can also grow your own magic mushrooms. To grow from spores requires a lot of skill, but in our online magic truffle shop you can find easy, or 100% mycelium Magicbox or Stealthbox growkits that provide mushrooms within 2 weeks, without any effort or special needs.

Difference between mushrooms and truffles

Mushrooms and truffles look, taste and feel very different, because truffles grow below the surface. In the Netherlands psilocybe mushrooms are forbidden, but magic truffles are legal. Still, the two are very similar. They both grow from mycelium (fungus) and contain the same active substances, resulting in similar hallucinogenic effects. Magic truffles and mushrooms are not toys, and should be treated with respect and taken responsibly. Carefully read all the information we provide here and in our knowledge centre, before experimenting with magic truffles.