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While the psilocybin content is close to P. cubensis, moderate to low, this species also contains a small but effective amount of norbaeocystin, a similar alkaloid to the rest.

All together, this makes for a very potent mushroom when fresh: 1-3 mushrooms or up to five grams would be a large dose.

A sample of just one gram will produce lively effects when dried.,

This compound, popular within Psilocybe but usually at far lower rates, is named for the mushroom itself, being first identified and described from the genus. It is one of the Best Quality mushroom in Canada.

Because of its distinctive rippled cap, baeo-cystis translates to “small-bladder”. something that resembles the fungus when fresh.

It is found more frequently under the aliases of “bottle caps,” “knobby tops,” “blue bells” or “olive caps;” all references to the different cap traits.

Together with the wavy ripples, when treated or aged, the cap stains quickly from a chestnut-brown, olive-green to a shiny dark blue.

Buy Psilocybe baeocystis online in Canada as we deliver it worldwide in different countries of United States and Europe.Along with the compound sharing its nickname, P. baeocystis also boasts psilocin levels that place it in the top three.

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